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:: Friday, March 10, 2006 ::
All you need is love? Maybe all you need is a 7-11 within walking distance...

This has been that kind of day... the one where despite it being my day off, it just doesnt turn out to be a good one. Myspace was down... no biggie..... I managed to destroy my breakfast... its ok.... I woke up sore and tired. Then upon attempting to do my laundry I found that my goddamned washer is broken.

So here I am, hours later, all of my clothes are over at my parents house drying, and I dont have shit to wear. And somehow, Its ok, I just dont care. Tomorrow night is our night... jes is off thursday... so we can hang out until like.... 7 am... I actually get to see her... it's made today *and most tuesdays* more bearable...

I'm aware that I sound like a broken record... jes this, jes that... but I just dont care. I dont feel like a broken record, and she's not tired of hearing the skipping just yet...

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:: Saturday, February 25, 2006 ::
Watching U2 from the closet, wishing to be the friction in their jeans?

Its another evening... work is over... watched some Dead Like Me with the roomie, and my special lady, contemplated shaving the beard. No. No shaving. The apartment is sorta cold... So I turn on the board heating. Move the love seat, dont want things to catch fire....

Turn on the stereo... visit myspace... the equivalent to hanging out with all your party friends sober.... so why do I spend so much time there?

Despite the fact that my feet are cold enough to need slippers, and have yet to really warm up.. they are sweating in my slippers... Its like a metaphor for my life....

I asked Jesica the other night "How's it feel to know your the only thing in my life that's going right?". I cant help but think that's a lot of pressure to put on one girl.

She's amazing for putting up with me.

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:: Saturday, February 18, 2006 ::
Emo Hair is out...
And so are hipster beards... but here I am, growing a grizzly adams and hiding behind my grandaddy albums...

Little to nothing is cooler than being some kinda wannabe online elitist... *sigh*

Today was that day at work where, despite liking my job, despite listening to not the radio, but *gasp* my own playlist, I still left the store wishing for nothing more than the video store to burn down. I just didnt want to go back.

The ride home with Jesica, despite the cold, despite the tightness in my chest from being out of advair, despite the throbbing in my head from the clatter or airhockey and the bullshit shrilling of highschool girls, despite all of that, just being close to her, knowing that she was there, with me, because she wanted to be, I could feel myself starting to unspool slowly. The weight lifting off my shoulders, as we drove in the cold *i could see my breath inside the car* I couldn't help but feel just a little bit lucky. Yeah.. lots of people work shitty 9-5 jobs. Lots of people have shitty days from time to time. Lots of people have to put up with bullshit chatter and annoying customers...but not all of those people have someone to give them a ride home and kiss them goodnight.

Maybe today wasnt so bad afterall.

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:: Sunday, January 22, 2006 ::
Marching now to the beat of a different drumstick

All ears to the skies my blue light shoppers... when the friGG speaks, the peasants best be listenin'.
My place of residence has changed. It is a lovely 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 story with brand new everything and 2 lovely roomates who make me smile and giggle and dont mind my music.
Its neat.
However, it is currently sans dsl. Hence... no updates... very few anyway.
Allow this post to function as my extended hiatus notification. So there. The friGG shall march on, just without the means to post quite so often. So, be patient.

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:: Thursday, January 19, 2006 ::
Hello friGGlings! A new and up to date Lynched Munkey is available FREE. What up Mr. friGG?

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:: Wednesday, November 30, 2005 ::
Sometimes its just too good not to share, OR I'll bet you wish you knew what the fuck this was all about

"Dear pj,

You make me splendiferous. You should buy a villa
in the south of france. Someday I will dance the
dance ofa drunken fat-kid. You = Nifty. If I saw
you now I'd wonder how the hell you got in my room.
I would build a pillow fort just for you. I would
get your name tattooed on my scalp. If I could sing
you any song it would be that song from jeopardy.
We could drink buckets of alcohol under the stars.
My love for you is like that of a hermit crab.

Ya-shua, bastard son of doG

(P.S. The Polka is back with a vengeance.)"

-Confused? You'll know when you're ripe-

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:: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 ::
"Tell her its from jesus... and jesus says I'm Ok"

I'm well aware that I've been neglecting you loyal friGGers,
straining to catch the droplets of wisdom,like a golden
shower from the heavens. I'm well aware that you've no
lives beyond your computers and, more importantly,
The Almighty FriGG, and for offering up that level of sick
and pathetic dependance, I salute, love, and respect you.

Sadly, the proverbial piss from the gods wont be arriving
tonight, or likely within the next week, as I'm throwing
myself into the publication of the writers group's
newsletter "Inertia" (which will be available by way of
email if you make such a request) and just cant seem to
find the time to update this lovely steaming pile of weblog.

Just know that I love you all, and wish you the best, or at
least the occasional dry hump.

-The one and only, The Almighty FriGG

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:: Saturday, November 12, 2005 ::
A Brand New Day, Or "Where the fuck did it all go?"

So as many of you may well know, flickr fucked me out of my photo hosting.
I kicked around the idea of a new photo host, and probably will still get one,
but I thought that this was a dandy opportunity to say FUCK the friGG and wipe it all out.
Start clean.

But not to give the past the finger, I thought I'd offer a brief refresher course for everyone.
A bit of crashcourse for the newbies and a flashback for
the longtime readers. Its a brief breakdown of everything the friGG has ever done via this blog.

THings you missed, or may have forgotten (In no particular order):
I drank a lot.
I saw Coheed.
There was a big gay roadtrip *fully illustrated* upon which I burned my weenie
Much bad poetry was shared.
I decided to hate weezer.
A few of us mourned the loss of a good friend.
I stopped drinking.
Moments later I got the ambition to re-fill my glass.
I saw My little sister off to college.
I thought David Blaine was funny.
I realized Matt Sharp was the only reason weezer didnt suck before.
I decided that lakeview smells of wet dog when it rains.
I made fun of the Incredible Hulk.
Sleep was lost over girls who werent worth my time.
Apparently Greenday and Radiohead had a squabble.
I discovered that the homeless make desperate passionate lovers, but they will rob you blind.
I reviewed some cds, most of which sucked, but you should listen to Richard Buckner.
I helped most of my friends move away.
I spent a night in Klamath Falls Denny's writing bad haiku.
We learned the definition of a dripster.
I stole Puffy's theme.
Blogger ate some of my posts.
I admitted to liking Rush.
I told you why you shouldnt read my site.
I panned super milk chan.
I decided that Austin City Limits kicked ass.
It shortly thereafter proved me wrong.
I thought outside the bun.
I forced The Lumpy Choo Choo band on my friends.
I blatantly mocked my readers.
I asked Rivers Cuomo politely for his life.
I put "Mote" by Sonic Youth on a lot of mix cds.
I made fun of Deathcab fans, then bought the album.
I wrote a redneck fuckass hate mail.
I conducted peace talks with serbian war lords.
I shared endless lists of "Friggin Wisdom"
I made fun of Nicolas Cage's hairline.
I questioned your dedication to Sparkle Motion.
And last, but not least, I bitched, griped, whined, moaned, wailed, cussed and was a general fucker on a regular basis.

So there you have it. Beware of things to come my darlings.....

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